Beginner's Tantra - Step One

Beginner's Tantra - Step One

Tantric sex is more than just heightened sexual pleasure, however, what is the point of learning about tantra and tantrism without the fun and enjoyment that goes with it? As such, we will explore some of the techniques and principles of tantra in this series. Starting with the basics and progressing to more advanced tantric techniques, we will explore the world of tantric sex to help you and your partner reach a more fulfilling, enlightening sex life.

Step One – Breathing Together, Lighting the Flame


Tantric sex is all about becoming one with each other and the universe. As such, the first place to start is learning how to connect on a deeper level. You can start with breathing. There's no sexual performance involved. Unless, of course, you just can't resist.


Start somewhere comfortable, like the middle of the bed, on a comfortable mat on the floor, wherever you both can feel relaxed and in-tune with the moment. Once you pick a spot, have your partner choose a sitting position that will be comfortable to maintain with you in their lap. Sit on their lap, facing each other, with your legs wrapped around behind them.


Stare deep into each others' eyes, a practice known as soul gazing. Practice breathing in as your partner breaths out. Visualize their breath entering your body, spreading their soul through every part of you. Do not lose eye contact as you breath in when they breath out. As you relax, start rocking back and forth, you moving back as your partner moves forward in time with your breathing. The goal is to arose both you and your partner by connecting, sharing each others' life forces and synchronizing your body rhythms.


Simply staring, breathing and rocking won't do anything for you without understanding the sensual mindset needed. Visualization is key in this exercise. Imagine the connection building between you and your partner. Envision a spiritual joining, in addition to the physical joining. Consider this as foreplay of the mind and soul to truly realize the benefits to your sexual pleasure.