Beginner's Tantra - Step Three

Beginner's Tantra - Step Three

So now the time has arrived. You and your partner have rocked, teased, explored and worked on developing a deeper connection...all without engaging in the physical act. Now it's time to jump in and have a little fun, right? 

Don't be so quick. Remember, the goal of tantric sex is to bring about a stronger, more spiritual union so that both you and your partner can enjoy a heightened experience. That mindset carries over when you're finally ready to complete the experience.

First, remember to take it slow; set the mood; enjoy the magic you have spent so much time building. Tantric sex is not a sprint to the finish line. Instead, it is a long, leisurely walk to a beautiful oasis. It's not about getting there, it's about living the entire experience, from start to finish, in tune with your partner.

A few more things to try, or at least keep in mind as you begin your quest for more fulfilling sexual pleasure with your partner: maintain eye contact as much as possible before, during and even after. Watching the pleasure fill your partner's eyes, reading their facial expressions, and similar efforts all help to build the connection and offer feedback on how your partner feels. Set the mood by appealing to all of your combined senses, including aroma, audio and visual.

Likewise, try to maintain the same magical, meditative state you and your partner have spent the last several days or weeks building together. Start small and slowly build anticipation with each kiss, lingering gaze, or touch. Remember what your partner has expressed in terms of what they like, what they enjoy, or what stirs their inner soul. Envision communicating with your partner through non-verbal gestures, touches and other cues. Play your words out in your mind, but let your body communicate your thoughts to your partner. Finally, remember the adage “practice makes perfect,” the more you and your partner try to connect through tantric sex, the better and more fulfilling your sex life becomes.