Institute for Ecstatic Living

Institute for Ecstatic Living

Are you still fairly new to the Tantric way of life?  Do you need some guidance in following a Tantric lifestyle?  Then how about attending a Tantra workshop to help you understand things a little better?

The Institute for Ecstatic Living can help you to live the Tantric life.  The institute has been around since 1999.  Its founders, Steve Carter and Lokita Carter, are teachers and pioneers when it comes to instructing others on living a Tantric lifestyle.  Together, they have taught a great number of people the joys of ecstatic living.

The workshops that are held by the Institute for Ecstatic Living are to be attended in a place just north of Napa Valley.  So you do not have worry about not having anything to do or anywhere to go outside of the workshop.  Napa Valley and the nearby city of San Francisco have so many places and things for you to see and do.  That means you can actually plan to have a real vacation during your time there.

At the Institute for Ecstatic Living, you will hear about Steve and Lokita’s personal Tantric experiences.  Also, you will get Tantric coaching from a very tranquil atmosphere.  So you can feel relaxed while you gain valuable lessons on the Tantric way of life. 

How far is the Institute for Ecstatic Living from the city of San Francisco?  By car, it is about two hours away.  So if you choose to have your flight arrive at the airport in San Francisco, you will have no problem reaching the institute.