Tantric Sex Tips for Valentine's Day

Tantric Sex Tips for Valentine's Day

Set the mood, slow down, eye contact, and breathing.

If you really want to get romantic this Valentine's Day, perhaps you should learn a few tips and tricks for Tantric sex - which will help strengthen your bond to your partner in a way that "getting off" usually fails to do. Tantric sex also helps to increase each partners interested sexual longevity and will help bring a renewed sense of intimacy. Here are a few tips on helping create this experience - and I mean, you don't have to go all the way with the act - in our culture it is acceptable to release - and these little tips might make the experience more pleasurable for when you do, if you decide you want to.

First, you need to set the mood. You can do this by having an area that is quiet with good lighting and comfortable shagging furniture. The point is to help you focus on each other and not everything that is going on. The TV should not be on - even if you are watching porn, in case you were wondering. You should also avoid radios and anything else that might be a distraction (like children... especially children actually).

Second, lets slow things down a little. Sex should really not be a race. Take your time kissing and rubbing each other. Feel the kiss with your whole body.

Third - and this might be awkward for some - keep your eyes open. You should be able to see your partners and their whole body. Watch yourself as your organs and flesh caress each other. It's actually pretty hot. You can get pretty worked up a this point and this is what some refer to as "edging", you want to spend as much time as you can feeling and looking and rubbing each other - which brings me to the fourth tip:

Breathing - you should breathe together in the way that the seeing, and feeling, and atmosphere make you feel inside. Heavy panting, light shallow breath, all of this is great but you should to it together. In fact, you may even want to try breathing the air from your partner. Have it enter your body and exhale it back out. Its a spiritual thing.

Again, with all of this visual, tactile, and olfactory stuff hitting you - you may literally feel like you are going to explode. The point of all of this is to extend this as far as you can and if you do decide you are ready to "explode", I can almost guarantee the effort and dedication will be well worth it.