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On the topic of SEX

That should grab your attention. I think it is important to discuss the matter of sex as it pertains to Tantra. As I mentioned in the previous post, sex is what most westerners think about when the word Tantra is mentioned. Sex and kinky yoga positions is what I've heard most people say they associate Tantra with. But sex is just one part of the tantric experience. In the tantric belief system, which is very similar to that of the Vedic and Hindu traditions, the Kundalini chakra or root chakra as it is commonly known, is the gateway to cosmic union. Kundalini sits at the bottom of the spine and is accessible via the sex organs. This is the portal to opening up, to enlightenment, the energy travels up the spine, through all the other chakras and up to the crown chakra where our energy connects with that of the universe. This is just one of many facets of this complex system which is not specific to religion or morality. Tantra is not about the ritualization of sex, it is the ritualization of life itself. It teaches people to give meaning and attention to all aspects of experience, not just the sexual. It's very unfortunate how hung-up the West is on sex. And it's even more unfortunate how Tantra has been appropriated by the sex industry. These days Tantra is usually code for prostitution, not with ritual, meditation, correct diet, etc. We'll be exploring the paths that Tantra took before making to the West. We'll explore Taoist Tantra, Buddhist Tantra, and this thing called Neo-Tantra.