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A Matter of Semantics

Once again, I go back to the topic of sex because it's what the west pressumes about Tantra.  I've been searching the web looking for other people's interpretations of Tantra and how it relates to sex.  I came across two blogs that touched on both subjects. Check out the website Touch SA, and read this blog where the person writing says that "people generally associate the word tantra with massage", she goes on to say  "In many ways I think it’s a term that’s become more of a hindrance than a help. But we’re stuck with needing words to communicate, and so I’ll try to clarify a little more." It is unclear what services this person actually does offer, but she states that she gets asked if she offers Tantric Massage.  I think this is a perfect example of the word is being misused, to such a degree that it puts people, who don't identify with the practice, on the spot because of what the word implies. On the other hand, I found this blog that offers a more concise explanation of what "Tantric Sex" is.  The author goes on to explain the differences between regular sex and "Tantric Sex", which by the way sounds very intense and intimate.  This article is worth reading in order to gain perspective on the subject. My question remains: is the word Tantra misused?  If so, by who?  Does this rob Tantra of any credibility as a spiritual practice?