March 2010

Tantric Sex in Avatar

If you thought that Avatar was unique in that it featured blue cat-looking people from another planet, had the technology to propel yourself into an avatar of yourself of said cat-people, and included the formation of a wild, eco-friendly planet that was about to be destroyed by humans—you’re only covering the tip of the Na’vi ear. It turns out that the film is unique in another aspect—its coverage of tantric sex.

In fact, experts of Tantra say that not only is the sex in the film tantric in origin—it’s also “completely faithful” to its tenents.  Asra Q. Nomani of The Daily Beast writes that everything from the color of the Na’vi people’s skin (representing Tantra’s “Blue Man”), the “hero’s journey,” and the “soul gazing” the characters perform—the actual climax of the film, rather than the characters’ actual intercourse is all faithful to Tantra.