November 2011

Tantra and Neotantra – The Western View


Previously, we talked about some of the misunderstandings between the Western view of tantric sex and what tantra really is and means. For those truly interested in exploring the benefits, I thought a deeper discussion might be in order. So this week, we're going to talk about the difference between tantra and neotantra. Tantra encompasses a whole practice, not just sex. Neotantra, in contrast, is a term used to describe the westernization of tantra practices, specifically regarding sexuality.

More Than Just Sex


Contrary to common Western thought, tantric sex is not just about eroticism. In fact, tantra is a religious doctrine that combines various beliefs and philosophies from both Buddhism and Hinduism. While numerous traditions exist, the overriding tenants focus on the divine energy of the universe and a person's ability to attain a higher level of connection to that energy.