December 2011

Beginner's Tantra - Step Two

Are you ready for the next step in learning how to incorporate tantric sex into your relationship?

Are you SURE you're ready? It might be more difficult for some than others, depending on how often you and your partner are used to sharing intimate time together.

First, you and your partner have to agree to spend a set period of time abstaining from intercourse. The exact time frame, whether a few days, a week, or a couple of weeks, is not as important as what you do with the time you set aside. While abstaining is key, it is not the end goal. Instead, abstaining is meant to help you and your partner take more time to learn more about each other, develop a deeper connection, and heighten pleasure when you do succumb to your desires.

Beginner's Tantra - Step One

Tantric sex is more than just heightened sexual pleasure, however, what is the point of learning about tantra and tantrism without the fun and enjoyment that goes with it? As such, we will explore some of the techniques and principles of tantra in this series. Starting with the basics and progressing to more advanced tantric techniques, we will explore the world of tantric sex to help you and your partner reach a more fulfilling, enlightening sex life.